Resolving the Issues in your Tissues

Specializing in chronic pain management, manual lymphatic drainage, post-surgical recovery, and oncology massage, we use proven techniques to resolve the issues in your tissues, allowing you to live your best pain-free life.

Restorative massage

Customized massage therapy, addressing chronic pain, range of motion, or dysfunction.

post surgical massage

Reduce pain and swelling, restore range of motion, and accelerate healing time after surgery.

Manual Lymph Draingage

Gentle manual therapy to treat the accumulation of fluid in a compromised lymphatic system.  Lymphedema compression wrapping.

oncology massage

Safe massage practices for those undergoing cancer treatment or have a history of cancer.


Covid-19 continues to alter our world.  Our way of life at

Parisou Massage continues, keeping up with any changes and current recommendations.  These are the policies we have

created for our mutual protection:

-Upon entering the office, you will be asked to use hand sanitizer and  

Everyone must wear a mask the entire time. 

-Fresh linens are used for every client (as always). 

*Blankets are available upon request

-An impervious barrier covers the table, face cradle, pillows, and bolster.

-The entire room gets wiped down after every session.  The floor is wet-mopped with hospital-grade sanitizer and all doorknobs are wiped down. 

-Two air purifiers are running in the room at all times.

We are committed to doing our best to keep things

as clean and safe as possible for everyone!


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