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Happy Thanksgiving Week!

This is said with much love: please stay home on Thursday. Thanksgiving is about giving thanks, and this year I am extremely grateful for you, and your support. I want you to stay as safe as possible, which means staying away from those we love if we have not already been together since March.

If you do decide to travel, please keep in mind that it is now mandated that you must either get tested for Covid upon return, or self-quarantine for two weeks after your trip. You will need to have received negative test results before coming in for a massage session. Massage is safe, as long as we always wear masks, don't take unnecessary risks, and reschedule when we have any symptoms.

Ok, enough of the lecturing. Enjoy whatever your holiday looks like this week. Eat lots of yummy food, and be thankful for all that we do have. If you do stay home, come get a massage. We're open every day this week except Thursday. I would love to see your masked face, and hear what you have been up to! See you soon. <3

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