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“I just went on vacation.  Why do I need a massage so badly?”

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

It’s vacation season!  Which means many of us are embarking on fun adventures and long trips in the car.  Both of which can cause our bodies to yell at us a bit, and ask for some extra attention.  Even when everything goes perfectly while you are away, you still end up sleeping in a different bed, often walking (a lot) more than you usually do, and are out of the normal routines.  When this happens, an hour on the massage table can make most things right again. Let’s ease the shoulder and back tension from driving.  Let’s stretch and restore our legs and feet from all the walking.  Let’s share vacation stories and hear all about the amazing things you did and saw!  Book your next hour massage today, and finish off summer in a relaxed and restored state of being.

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