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Do you have an old injury that flares up now and again?

This morning while at a business networking breakfast, I found myself in a discussion with two gentlemen who each shared with me that they had injured themselves back in their “younger days”, resulting now and then in a flare-up of pain and discomfort.  Both were inquiring if massage could help, and of course I said yes!  

Even though we think we have healed up and moved forward from an injury, sometimes scar tissue has formed, which has a tendency to cause issues down the road.  As we get older, that scar tissue may get thicker or start irritating the muscles around it, causing tension and pain.  In these instances, the recommendation is to come in for an hour session to be assessed, see how things feel after a massage and a plan for maintenance sessions can be established.  

Getting a massage to feel better, and then continuing to get massage to stay feeling good is a great way to keep your body happy.  What are you waiting for?

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