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Do you have your next massage already scheduled?

Spring is here, which means many of us are getting busier. More of us are getting vaccinated (yay!) and that means soon we'll be able to do the things we've been avoiding. More sunshine is here (double yay!), so the days feel longer, and we want to be outside. Spring cleaning, yardwork, and more are in the near future for many of us. This means, our bodies are going to need some extra help too!

It's time to get yourself on a regular, planned schedule for massage appointments. No one wants to wake up in pain, and realize that they are not able to schedule an appointment for another two weeks. Monthly massage memberships allow for a standing appointment day and time, so you always know when you're next massage will be. Massage day is the best day, and knowing it is coming soon makes it even better. Schedule yourself now, you'll be so greatful later than you did!

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