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Do you keep forgetting to schedule a massage?

Distractions are everywhere.  It is much easier to procrastinate than it is to just take a moment and get the things handled.  Even when we do sit down to take care of something, kids, pets, and spouses have other ideas.  As I attempt to create this email, there is an adorable cat in my lap who is insisting that I pet her instead of work.  It’s distracting!  

One of the best parts of signing up for a monthly massage membership is the ability to stop forgetting to schedule your sessions.  As a member, you receive the privilege of a standing appointment time.  Your preferred time on your preferred day of the week, every month, every other week or even every week!  Massage makes life better.  Putting it on autopilot makes it the easiest way to continue to take care of yourself each month, without stress.  Sign up today, before something distracts you and you forget!

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