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Feeling disconnected lately? Time for a massage to reconnect with yourself.

Life often seems to get in the way of our best laid plans.  We think things are going well, that we’re happy and feeling good, until BAM, life pops up and reminds us that we are not always in control.  While a massage won’t make the “problems” in your life resolve, it will help you physically.  When intense situations and stress come in, our bodies tend to take a back seat, catching all the metaphorical garbage we keep tossing back there, to worry about at a later date.  Unfortunately, your body can only catch so much of that garbage before it starts breaking down.  

Getting a massage when life is super stressful and chaotic seems counterintuitive.  How could you possibly stop juggling all the things for an hour to get a relaxing massage, that sounds crazy, right?  But what happens when your body starts throwing more balls up into the air for you to juggle?  One called low back pain, another called foot pain, and a big one called HEADACHES.    Before you know it, you have been crushed by all the things.

Make the time to get a massage this week, before you get crushed by all the things.  You know your body will thank you, and you’ll be better equipped to continue juggling all the rest.

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