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Football Watching Injury? Massage Will Help.

A relaxing afternoon, watching the game with friends.  Suddenly, there’s a bad call, you’re yelling at the TV, and you start to feel tension in your neck and shoulder.

From one moment to the next, pain can start.  From sitting still too long, or getting up too fast.  You turn your head and there’s a “pop” in your neck.  You reach for the TV remote and feel a pull in your shoulder.  Bending down to pick something up results in low back pain.  It doesn’t take much for the pain to start, but avoiding that pain will make it take that much longer to go away. Let’s avoid these injuries the best we can.  By receiving a massage on a regular, consistent basis, your body is in a much looser and happier state.  You are less likely to strain a muscle when doing a simple activity if your body is relaxed and feeling good.  Get yourself scheduled for your next massage today and feel better tomorrow!

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