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Have you been having trouble sleeping?

Sleep.  One of the one of the most important things we all need, every day. 

Often taken for granted, until you aren't able to get it, sleep is a daily requirement for everyone.  Seven hours (or more) is the recommended amount of daily sleep for an adult.  When things are good, stress is low and your body feels great, this is an easy goal to achieve.  Yet, if stress will not let your brain shut off at night, you may not sleep, or not well at least.  If your back or shoulder hurts, you may not be able to get/stay comfortable through the night, interrupting your sleep.

So how does massage help?  It relaxes you!  Simple, yet effective.  Massage helps calm the nervous system, restoring your system and resolving your pain.  As for stress, for some the ability to lay in a quiet, calm atmosphere is incredibly helpful in lowering stress symptoms.  For others, the ability to relax and vent, to verbally release all that is on your mind, all the while knowing that anything said is kept confidential, allowing your brain to rest and you to sleep at night.  Who needs sleep?  Everyone.  Who needs massage?  Everyone!

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