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How Have We Become So Touch Deprived?

Recently, my husband went to a doctor's appointment with a new specialist. While the overall appointment went well, we were both impressed with the fact that both doctors we saw that day actually did a physical exam and placed hands on his body. I find it sad that this is something to be surprised at lately, especailly when what I do is touch people for a living. We as humands are touch deprived beings. Why is that? "According to Texas psychology professor David R. Cross, PhD, there are three reasons Americans don't touch each other more: fear of sexual innuendo, societal and personal disconnection aided by technology, and the fact that the ill effects of non-touching are simply not that obvious and don't receive much attention. "Humans deprived of touch are prone to mental illness, violence, compromised immune systems, and poor self-regulation," Cross says. So serious are the effects of touch deprivation, it's considered by researchers to be worse than physical abuse."

How sad is that? We know that massage has been proven useful in reducing stress, anxiety, and pain while also boosting immunity and improving sleep. If you know of someone that doesn't have much touch in their life, consider suggesting they get a massage now and then. Or even gift them a certificate for a session. The benefits are greatly worth it!

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