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How Long Has It Been? It’s Time To Get Back To Feeling Good.

Has it been a month?  Two months?  Six?  It is always easier to fall out of sync than it is to stay on track.  We get busy, and the nagging tension turns to pain.  Suddenly it’s hard to lift your arm to put your shirt on.  Picking up things off the floor is a slow and arduous process.  As you limp along down the hall, the shooting knee pain reminds you that you still haven’t made an appointment.  The relief is needed, it’s time to stop suffering.


Schedule your next session right now, before you get caught up again and forget.  Consider what day of the week and time is ideal for you, and sign-up for a monthly membership.  Placing your massage appointments on auto-pilot guarantees you won’t keep putting it off, and you’ll feel better sooner.  Pleasant Gap is easy to get to, and once your session is done, there is amazing coffee, pastries and lunch options just down the street.  You can’t go wrong!

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