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Is something holding you back from scheduling your next massage?

Distractions are all around us, keeping us from remembering taking care of the little tasks every day.  As I write this, I have an adorable cat in my lap, who is demanding pets and licking my hands, all while I am trying to type.  She’s insistent, and it’s adorable, and will definitely make this task take much longer to get done.  The point?  It’s very easy to get distracted and forget to make an appointment for your next massage.

I write a lot encouraging you to sign up for a monthly membership, putting your massage on autopilot and never forgetting to schedule again.  This solution doesn’t work for everyone, so thankfully there are other ways.

One of the great features of the online scheduler is that you are able to schedule as many future session as you’d like for the next year.  Every month feels like too much, but every two months sounds ideal?  Reserve the days and times that work best with your schedule.  Love ending (or starting) your vacation week with a massage?  Book it as soon as you know when it will be, and no matter what distractions appear, you’ll be good to go.

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