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Let's Talk About Scars

I love scars. I love to hear the stories that come with them. Almost everyone has at least one. Scars are a symbol of healing and overcoming. Sometimes, scars cause pain and restriction. That's where I can help.

One of the fun things about meeting a new client, is meeting their body as well. It is not uncommon to uncover an arm, or a back, and see a scar. Often, that leads me to ask about the story. Was it an accident? Was it from a surgery? Then, it sometimes leads to more questions.

Aside from the obvious of "it hurts where the scar is," often an issue can seem unrelated but the cause can be from scar tissue. Everyone scars/heals differently. There are types of scars that area like icebergs. Small and pretty on the top, and an entire other story below the surface. Some are considered "octopus-like." They branch out in all different directions, causing issues in areas that seem unrelated. And some feel like an invisible thread, constantly pulling.

Scars are fascinating. C-Sections, joint replacement surgeries, mastectomies, arthroscopies, childhood accidents, self-infliction. Whatever the reason, new or old, they should be addressed to assist in you living pain-free as much as possible. Schedule a massage for scar-work today!

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