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“Massage as a treatment has fewer side effects than drugs. Why aren’t we doing this first?” -ABK

Last week I was able to attend the International Massage Therapy Research Convention (IMTRC) where I was able to mingle with and listen to very smart individuals tell me all the latest scientific findings about massage therapy. It was two days of interesting presentations and incredible conversation. The biggest take-always I always come home with after a conference like this are, “yes, we have proof! And, we have so much more work to do.” We have proof that massage helps with pain, anxiety, sleep, and more. So why aren’t we all getting a massage every few weeks? How do we convince those we love to get a massage, before consulting with their doctor for pain meds and/or surgery? If you’ve been successful in convincing a friend or loved one to get a massage, how did you do it? I would love to hear from you: how would you tell someone that they should get a massage? What would you say if that person says “I would, but…” Help your favorite massage therapist out and share your ideas. Everybody deserves massage, help me to get convert more people to become massage addicts!

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