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Massage makes everything better.  Even if just for a little bit.

I've said for years that "massage day is the best day." Just like many of you, I look forward to getting a massage, and often count down the days until my next appointment. I consider my massage room to be my "happy place," excited to go to work every day. I get to spend time with you lovely people, and to give you a piece of happiness and comfort, even if just for a little bit.

The world is not a comforting place right now. So I offer to you this week an hour (or more) of time on the massage table. A silent, reflective hour. An hour filled discussion on cats and dogs and kids. Quiet, soothing instrumental music for an hour. An hour to vent about all the crazy just to get it out. The time on the table is YOURS, and it will look/sound however you like.

What will your hour look like? Book now, and find out.

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