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Protect yourself from "Covid-Fatigue" with massage.

So many of us have said lately, "I'm so tired of this pandemic."  Thankfully, progress has been made, and a vaccine is coming.  In the meantime, the stress and "Covid-fatigue" has affected many of us.  Our bodies store the stress, and if we don't find healthy ways to manage things, the metaphorical wall we will hit appears fast and painfully.  I want to help you avoid hitting the wall.

Massage is an ideal way to manage your body, and all that it is going through.  We hold tension in our jaw, shoulders, low back, hips, hands and feet.  Often, we are not even aware of the tight spots, until someone lays a hand on that spot.  Use massage to your advantage.  Ease the soreness, the tension, and the pain.

Another way to fight the fatigue is working on your emotional fitness, and massage can help with that too!  The massage room is a safe and sacred space.  Nothing that is shared will leave the room.  Need to vent?  Share what's on your mind while on the table.  Want to laugh?  We can definitely find something fun to chat about.  Massage makes us all happy, boosting the immune system and allowing for a better day.

Staying safe and healthy are the most important things.  Stay healthy by keeping your stress levels managed and your body feeling good.  Rest assured that safety is still a top priority in the office, and our cleaning routines have not faltered.  We are in this together!

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