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Self-Care: Have You Done Something For Yourself Lately?

These days it is so easy to forget yourself. Caught up in taking care of the house, the kids, work, and everything else that comes up. By the time you think of yourself, you're exhausted, out of time and already needing to do something else. This is just another reminder to take care of yourself. Lately I've been a huge fan of the airplane idea. "Put on your own oxygen mask before you help others". Take care of yourself first, then you will do better at taking care of others around you. The little things go a long way, and are well worth the effort.

Especially when we the shoveling is never ending, the pandemic is far from over, and there isn't enough sunshine these days, keeping self-care at the top of your list is key. Regular, consistent massage sessions are a great way to maintain your body and mind. Setup your next session now. Even better? Sign up for a membership, and permanently check off "schedule a massage" from your to-do list.

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