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Summer is here, officially!

With the onset of warm weather, many of us start walking and hiking more, wearing sandals, and often even running around barefoot. For others, it means Plantar Fasciitis flare-ups. Persistent foot pain is no fun. Massage is just the "fix"! While most PF pain is in the heel, often the problem is more in the calf and shin areas. At it's most severe, a series of twice a week hour sessions for about 5 weeks can make a world of difference, ending with little to no pain. If you or someone you know suffers from PF, recommend they come in for a few sessions. They'll thank you, I promise!

Pictured below is a technique sometimes used called "The Bear-Trap". Magnets are used to help balance the pH of the issue and reduce inflammation, assisting in the healing process. What do you think, pretty wild right?

One last thing: if you know anyone that is looking for a quiet office space, please send them to me! You've been to my office and can attest to how nice and peaceful it is, and you know how awesome I am. If you know of anyone looking for a space to work, my office space will soon have a room available and I would love to fill it quickly with another amazing person, especially if their business is health-field related. Thank you!

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