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Think You're "Too Busy" for Massage?

Find yourself wishing for a massage, but think you are "too busy"? Last week we shared some of the great benefits of receiving regular massage therapy.  This week, a few clients have agreed to share their testimonials since signing up for a massage membership. "Katie is great! She’s helped me realized that massage shouldn’t just be a treat to myself every now and then, it’s part of a regular wellness routine to keeping my body happy. She is constantly learning and integrating new techniques to address whatever issues I am having. I highly recommend everyone work massage into your self-care strategies!"  ~ Courtney W. "After every session with Katie I feel more limber and more energized. The tightness has been addressed and a higher degree of mobility has been restored so I can do the things I want to do to their fullest extent. I love my sessions with Katie!" ~Carol S. "Katie is a knowledgable and personable therapist who cares deeply about helping her patients achieve improved health."  ~Anonymous Making time in your busy week for an hour massage is easier than you'd think.  Standing appointment times make it easy to schedule work around, and you'll never forget when your appointment is.  Leave everything in your car but your keys.  Walk in, a quick screening and you're on the table.  An hour of amazing massage, and you're off to the rest of your day.  Efficient and effective.  Why not schedule your next session right now?

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