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Wait, You Had Covid And Didn't Tell Me?!

"Oh, by the way, I had Covid a couple weeks ago.

Sorry I forgot to mention it!"

Earlier this week, while working on a long-standing client, she causually mentioned that she had rescheduled her appointment the week before because she "was still in quarantine". I responded back, "oh? Who got exposed?" Turns out, the entire family. Three of four members of the family got Covid-19. We were halfway through her massage session when she brought this up. "I'm sorry, I didn't think to tell you!" This is your reminder: if anything has changed in your health since the last time I've seen you, YOU NEED TO TELL ME. For your safety alone, I need to know what's "new". If there has been a medication added or removed, if you were sick and got better, anything. For those of you who got and survived Covid, I'm so happy for you that it was (probably) a mild case. Even still, I need to know. There is still a lot that is unknown about C-19 and what the long term affects might be, but one thing we do know about is an increased risk of blood clots, and for some, skin lesions. This does not mean that if you had Covid, that you cannot receive massage. It only means that more conversation needs to happen first, to make sure that any and every precaution can be made to keep you safe and healthy. Every massage session is all about you! Keeping you comfy, relaxed, pain free, and safe!!

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