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Weekend activities making you stiff and sore?

This past weekend was one of those that the locals know too well as a time to stay out of State College haha. College move-in and opening days of the Grange Fair are just a few of the (huge) events locally that many of us get caught up in. I know many parents who have been busy recently helping their kids pack for and move into dorms and apartments. There are also many of us that are spending their days at The Grange, walking around, visiting, and sleeping in tents and campers. Such fun, but these types of activities can come around to bite us!

Waking up on a Monday, stiff, sore and knowing another long week is ahead is sometimes a daunting thing. Waking up on that Monday and seeing that there is an opening that week for a massage session with your favorite, most awesome, and magical massage therapist? Nothing beats it! Scroll down to see if any of the few openings this week work with your schedule, and grab one quick before it's gone. You know that you'll feel better knowing that you have a massage to look forward to, and amazing once that restorative massage happens. Book your next session today!

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