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Yard-work season is officially here!

This past weekend, the local nurseries and garden centers were busy!  So many people look at Mother’s Day weekend as a great time to purchase flowers to place, hang and plant.  It was a gorgeous weekend to be outside, tending to the yard. 

So the question is, how sore is your body today?  Just like we tend our yards and gardens, we must tend to our bodies as well.  If we put off mowing the grass, or weeding the garden, when we finally get to it, the work is a lot harder and often takes time longer.  If we continue to put off getting a massage, that neck or shoulder pain that has been nagging you will only get worse, and take more sessions to resolve.  When we stay on a regular lawn mowing schedule, the job is easier and the lawn continues to look great!  Staying on a regular massage schedule, once or twice a month, helps our bodies to feel great, giving us more energy and the ability to keep going without pain.

Let me help you stay pain free.  Book a massage today, and consider signing up for a monthly membership to keep feeling good.

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